CSTS Phoenix

It would appear that you really can’t stop the serenity, and a Phoenix based event has finally popped up.

If you’re not familiar with CSTS, it’s the biggest geek charity event around here that I’m aware of, next to the Kids Need To Read Geek Prom during the Phoenix Comicon – another strong Browncoat related event.

So, you know how Joss likes to write strong female characters? Well he happens to be pretty big on that idea in the real world as well, and has a charity called Equality Now that helps women all over. Browncoats everywhere throw big Browncoat parties, call it Can’t Stop The Serenity, and the money helps out EN and other charities.

But besides raising money, the events also give Joss fans something to share, with a screening of Serenity as the highlight. But don’t count out Dr Horrible. The sing-along-blog usually tends to make an appearance.

Last year, they even played Ice Pirates, for some randomly awesome reason.

This year I knew there was a big Tucson screening coming up, but it looks like Phoenix will also be unable to stop the serenity:

  • Happening Sunday, Sept 18th, starting around 12pm.
  • At The Royale in Mesa, teaming up with the AZ Browncoats.
  • That’s about all I’ve found so far in my snooping around.

Please share if you know/learn more, and I’ll do the same.