Star Trek Pinball

Ever since TNG popped up on Netflix Instant, it’s been an almost nightly ritual around the Octopus home.

Last night we watched the episode where everyone’s playing that eyeball game that leaves them gasping every few seconds. Classic.

Well, if you’re as into the TNG as I currently am, you may be considering forking over a relatively large chunk of cash for that Star Trek: The Next Generation pinball machine you’ve always wanted.

If so, today’s your lucky day.

There’s a TNG Pinball machine for sale on Craigslist for $3,400 out of Prescott –  just a small road trip for a sci-fi-pinball-game-connoisseur such as yourself.

And while you’re throwing money around pimping out your retro-gaming room, you might as well pick up this sweet Nintendo fiber-optic sign for sale out of Tempe.

Not enough games in your game room? A mystery Scottsdale “video game store” is liquidating its inventory. The wording is a bit shady (“This opportunity doesn’t come by often so don’t let it pass you by!”), but if you’re curious they’re offering an entire game-room’s worth of stuff, and then some.

And I don’t care what anyone says – Laserdiscs are awesome and belong in every media room. Get your own Laserdisc player with over 100 laser discs (including the Star Trek movies) for only $175.