Sometimes running into friends and meeting new ones can distract you from other things. Taking pictures, par examplè.

Last Saturday afternoon I dropped by a facial-hair-centric event thrown by Steamcrow and The Gamers’ Inn, and I must confess I spent the entire time gabbing instead of taking decent pictures for the blog.

Amidst the belly dancing, gaming, and steampunk costuming, I was able to yak it up with Daniel Davis and his great family. If you haven’t read Monster Commute yet, do so now. Spending an afternoon with the Steamcrow crew comes highly recommended as well, if the opportunity presents itself.

(PS – They were almost out of I Lovecraft You shirts, so nab them while you can.)

I met the girls behind KiKi’s Cupcakes, who do tons of custom cupcakes for geeky events – and I got to witness a video Skype call with the guy behind Boilerplate, which I guess JJ Abrams bought the movie rights to.

The Vul-Con guys were also there, hosing a bazillion table-top games, and I could feel their excitement as we talked about their upcoming Vul-Con 2012 next February. They really seem to get what gaming is all about.

As I left, I was reminded yet again why I support local geekery.

And, looking at this post, I am reminded that I need to stop yapping and take some pictures too.

If anyone else has pics up, feel free to share a link!