Rapture - By James Barnett

I’m digging this piece of art from local geek artist James Barnett. Can you tell what it’s from?

Instead of donning a beret (and pointy goatee) then setting up an easel on the side of a hill, James explores his favorite video game landscapes; roaming their cities and countrysides looking for his muse. When he finds it, he hits pause and starts painting.

With a colorful Fauxvist style (Honorable Art History Degree, please!), James brings out personality, charm, and some high class to games like Halo, Fallout, Half-Life 2, and even a personal favorite of mine – FFVII.

So, the challenge for you is to head over to his Flickr page and see if you can identify the games his art comes from – without cheating.

Check them out and share what you recognized!