East Valley Space Church!!

Do you struggle with strange, other-worldly feelings?

Perhaps you’ve always felt “out of place,” or maybe you’re just now realizing that you were never “born,” but actually burst out of your host’s chest cavity.

Maybe it’s the glowing eyes that tipped you off when you were a teenager, or perhaps it’s the strange medallion that was around your neck when you were found at the orphanage (that nobody can decipher).

No, it was when you first saw that scene at the end of Galaxy Quest where Tony Shalhoub notices the Thermian tentacle crawling around his neck… then shrugs his shoulders.

My friend, you no longer need to feel shame burning within all four of your stomachs. Your homesick stargazing does not need to plague you for the rest of your (unnaturally long) life.

If you feel empty inside – literally, because you’re a walking shell of synthetic skin, powered by plasma and a system of neural-responders – there is hope.

This East Valley church has space for you.

I encourage you to seek peace where it is available – because I personally know how hard it is to look into your children’s faces, knowing that you’re looking at them in the infra-red spectrum.

We You are not alone…