CopperCon 31

Some geek conventions tend to focus on SF & Fantasy books, and tabletop gaming.

Case in point: Arizona’s CopperCon, of which the 31st manifestaion is presenting itself this weekend.

Although things like Anime are still a part of the experience, guests, panels, and events tend to focus on writing. This year’s theme seems to dwell on things that go bump in the night, like werewolves and sparkle-resistant vampires.

I’ve never been to a CopperCon, but I am a big fan of nerdy books – although less so of the vampire/werewolf variety.

Bite into these details if you’re interested:

  • This weekend Sept 2nd – Sept 5th.
  • At the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel in Avondale.
  • Prices skew a bit high – $55 for the whole weekend, with daily rates as well.
  • (Also, they only accept cash, FYI.)
  • They’re bringing in some bigger authors, as well as spotlighting locals.

As I wrote about last year’s then-upcoming CopperCon:

I really like the idea of a convention that focuses less on promoting movies, TV shows, and video games, and instead dives deeper into books, writing, gaming, and the core of SF and Fantasy – ideas.