batman-riding-a-unicorn by - rosewine

This weekend, Arizona has a Unicorn party, throws some tiger upercuts, & puts on a steampunk variety show.

I’ll be heading out of the heat this weekend, so I’ve arranged for some events to go on to keep you entertained without me.

(Okay, they were happening anyway.)

Friday, August 12th

Resin Sux [Mesa]

  • Taking place at  the steampunky/post-apocolyptic-y Rusted Nail.
  • Check out tons of custom  resin toys by tons of artists.
  • And learn how to make them yourself if you’re curious.
  • All evening long in downtown  Mesa.
  • Grab some details on Facebook.

Street Fighter II Tournament [Phoenix]

  • Hadouuuuuken!
  • Yoga flame the competition at Cade Gallery.
  • It’s free, so show up at 7pm and earn some 90’s bragging rights.
  • Details, and more tournaments, at Press The Pause Button.

Unicorn Mixer & Petting Zoo! [Phoenix]

  • Bastian’s dad may not understand, but these local authors/artists do.
  • And they’re launching a new book about raising magical unicorns.
  • Join the party at Co+Hoots in Phoenix  at 7pm.
  • A unicorn art show there will even be a unicorn petting zoo!
  • Grab the magical details on the Facebook.
  • (PS – Bastian’s utterly disdainful look makes me laugh out loud every time.)

The Minibosses [Tempe]

  • If you’ve ever played the NES, I recommend you see The Minibosses live at least once.
  • They’ll be playing at the Yucca Tap Room Friday night.
  • Old school Nintendo songs will be rocked.
  • A tiny bit more information here.

Saturday, August 13th

Steampunk Vaudville Show [Tempe]

  • A Victorian-era fantasy sci-fi variety show?
  • It would appear so!
  • At the Plaza de Anaya starting at 6:30pm.
  • Tickets are $10 and you can grab them online,or pay $15 at the door.
  • All the details (and tickets) you can handle here.

Now, go forth, cephalobots, and consume Arizona with your might this weekend.

Leave no event unattended, no game un-played, no unicorn un-petted.