After Today Live

A Goofy Movie spoke directly to a handful of (sometimes awkward) young teens in the 90’s – especially these Mesa kids.

So much so that they grabbed 100 dollars, 100 friends, 100 hours, and shot their own version of the opening song, shot for shot here in the valley. In fact, you may recognize some locations.

(One of the guys behind this thing is my brother-in-law.)

The video has done pretty well on the YouTube’s, with hundreds of thousands of views – and it even got the attention of the guy behind A Goofy Movie himself. (Scroll to the bottom of that link for his reaction.)

Whatever you may think of the somewhat obscure source, or the choice to recreate an entire song from it shot for shot – you have to admit they did a pretty sweet job, and you might want to watch it more than once to catch all the subtle details.

Keep your eye our for some sadly accurate Trekkies: