Picard's Head

It’s everyone’s dream to own a life-like replica of the head of The Picard, and if you’ve got $80 (or a mountain bike!) this dream could be yours.

Someone in Ahwatukee has mysteriously come across a copy of Patrick Stewart’s head and has decided that they’d rather have a mountain bike. So, using the power of Craigslist, this noggin is up for sale or trade.

“This life-like head weighs 5 pounds and shows wrinkles, bumps, creases, clefts, etc.”

Caused by all of those run-ins with Q, no doubt…


So, what would you do with it?

Build a walking Picard cyborg? Mount it on the hood of your mini-van?

Set it on your nightstand and stare into its eyes as you drift off to sleep each night?