Last night, the Midnight Movie Mamacita let us sneak inside The Royale for a while.

While I simultaneously snooped around and wrestled with my two boys, Mrs Octopus took some fun photos of the work in progress that will open its doors tonight.

I hope you get a chance to swing by for Mesa’s 2nd Friday and see the place for yourself. It’s pretty cool inside.

Plus it has some old school arcade machines.

Andrea has done a great job turning an empty space into a real indie theater. We joked about where she got certain “campy” aspects of the theater, but got serious when talking about the equipment. She assured me she spared no expense with the video and audio.

I’m excited for all the bad movies and otherwise-hard-to-find geek flicks that will play here.

(Come on, Andrea, let’s get Troll Hunters already!)


Thanks again to Andrea for letting us interrupt their last minute preparations. And another big thanks to her dog for putting up with my 2 year old.

As we were leaving, my wife said “Yeah, we need to watch movies here.”

Not only can you check out The Royale for yourself tonight, but across the street at Evermore Nevermore you can catch a Zombie Bikini Contest.

Yeah, you heard me…