Microphone - M. Keefe

Last Friday night I went out with some family and friends to Mesa’s 2nd Friday, where two of the three Inglorious Geeky Bastards held me against my will, denied me food and water, and interrogated me for a few minutes.

We holed up in the back room of Gotham City Comics and breifly shot the breeze about Phoenix’s Geek Culture, blogging, books, Phoenix Comicon, and what kinds of geeks we are.

And apparently I say “really really” a lot.

You can catch the podcast on their site with my interview starting around 21-ish minutes.

While normally pretty NSFW, this episode ended up being particularly tame, so gather the kids around and tune in!

(Well, maybe not the kids.)

Let me know what you think of my sweet, sexy, seductive, soothing, squidish voice!