Steampunk Photo by: Craig Hatfield

This weekend, Arizona throws a steampunk party, a comics party, an anime party, and a sci-fi party.

(Partying, partying, yeah!)

Tucson brings us some geek action this weekend, which is always fun to see.

Friday, July 29th

AnimeLand TuCon 2011 [Tucson]

  • It’s anime, it’s a convention. It’s an anime convention.
  • A couple of weekends ago there was one in Flag, this week, there’s one in Tucson.
  • Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Hotel Arizona in Tucson.
  • Learn everything you need to know at AnimeLand’s site.

Saturday, July 30th

Arizona Browncoats Charity Art Faire [Tucson]

Sci-Fi Extraveganza [Mesa]

  • Hurray Science Fiction! One of my favorite parent-genres.
  • If you feel the same way, swing by Gotham City Comics in Mesa between noon and nine.
  • Movies, trivia, costumes, and more. Should be a fun little shin-dig.
  • Check the details, yo.

Con-Fabulation! [Phoenix]

After SDCC Party [Glendale]

  • Seriously, if you’re interested at all in the local comics scene, you should attend Jesse James’ comics parties.
  • Tons of local artists show up and network and have a good time.
  • At Jesse James Comics from 6pm to whenev’.
  • Here are more details on Jesse’s Facebook.

And be sure to swing by Press The Pause Button for a more in depth look at the local gaming events going on.

Have fun, cephalobots, and don’t forget to leave a caption on yesterday’s post if you haven’t already.

I’ve got two Bookmans Giftcards that aren’t going to give themselves away.