trigun animated film

This weekend, Arizona tries to catch a $$60 Billion man, breaks the first rule of Fight Klub, opens a new indie theater, and sends zombies to the beach.

I’ve been out of town (and out of the loop) the last week. I hope everyone enjoyed the much haboob’d haboob. We missed it.

On the plus side, I enjoyed some wicked fireworks, my family, old school NES, and some sweet Star Trek: TNG on Netflix.

This weekend it looks like most geek action is happening on Friday.

Friday, July 8th

Trigun: The Animated Film [Tempe]

  • Catch The Humanoid Typhoon in his own flick!
  • (When it comes to Anime, Trigun has always been a favorite of mine.)
  • Shows start Friday at the Valley Theater on Mill.
  • Go here for showtimes all weekend.

Fight Klub! [Phoenix]

  • It’s time to once again answer the call of Mortal Kombat.
  • If I’m not mistaken, the guy running this thing also happens to be undefeated… ?
  • Sign up and see if you can finish him (see what I did there?) on his own machine.
  • At The Cade Gallery around 7pm.

The Royale Opens! [Mesa]

  • Ahhh, finally!
  • The East Valley’s own little indie film house opens its doors!
  • Check the place out and enjoy The Room (and Hobo w/ A Shotgun).
  • At 8pm, and kinda part of Mesa’s 2nd Friday.
  • I will definitely try to be there.

Zombie Bikini Contest [Mesa]

  • This one doesn’t really need too much more description, does it?
  • At Evermore Nevermore at 9pm.
  • (Also kinda part of Mesa’s 2nd Friday.)
  • If you’re over 18 and would like to participate, bikini-wise, let them know!

And The Pause Button has a solid list of other gaming tournaments going on this weekend, so check them out too.

It’s good to back in The AZ – I hope I see you out this weekend!