Sweet, my enchanted blade is glowing blue as I write this post! No, wait, it’s just my cell phone.

But hey, if you’re big into hairy feet, Ian McKellen, and watching epic fantasy on the big screen, the uber-extended version of The Two Towers is playing tonight (06/21) in most AMC theaters.

Fathom Events is beaming the show across the country, The AZ included, and as a special treat, they’re boasting a personal introduction to the film from Mr Jackson himself, from the set of The Hobbit.

(So excited for that show. Of course, I think I’d probably watch anything with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman in it.)

You can get your tickets online on Fathom’s site if you think it sounds like a fun evening. It takes roughly eleven thousand clicks just to buy the stupid things, and they’re a bit pricier than a normal movie ticket, but I think you can grab them right at the theater too.

So go and watch Saruman’s Uruk-hai march into the Battle of Hornburg while Gimli and Legolas rack up some frags!