If you’re looking for a refreshing shake up in your RPG experience, a local gamer may be creating just the game for you.

Stephen Carpenter (of the Gamers’ Inn) is spearheading a new RPG world and system that trades dice for playing cards, and it sounds pretty intruiging.

Check out Stephen’s post on Nevermet Press for details.

The Faustian themes in his upcoming game Souljack appear to be implemented into the way you play the game. Instead of rolling dice based on character attributes, a very quick game of cards is played with outcomes affected by your attributes. So instead of rolling the dice and crossing your fingers, you get to mix a little strategy and luck together.

It sounds like you’ll have to make choices during your actions, leading to failure or success.

(Plus there are secret societies and the supernatural.)

His own description of the project:

In the game, the players act as characters in a Faustian tale of consequence, redemption, and conspiracy. These characters, referred to as the Soulless, have made a deal with a supernatural force known as the Adversaries. The bargain has been completed and the character got what he wished for. Now cursed, they have to experience life without a “soul” and struggle to get back what they foolishly wished away.

Large groups of Soulless have formed organizations throughout the world with the intent of helping out their brethren. The Illuminati is the largest of them. The Illuminati employs Soulless to locate new and lost Soulless, document new contracts, keeping information on summoning Adversaries out of human hands, and prevent those who have gained their deepest desire from making a dramatic shift in the world.

If you’re interested in the game, let Stephen know by commenting on his original post on Nevermet Press or on here.

He’s looking for playtesters and feedback and might take a question or two.

Game on!