Your blog only turns one once, so we decided to have fun last Saturday night!

Lightning Octocon went off with a bangĀ  -and perhaps the crackle of electricity, and the smell of ozone.

Attendance was twice as high as I was honestly expecting, everything looked great, and we had a blast. It was crazy seeing so many of you, and meeting so many of you in person finally.

Plus there was cake!

You know I love recapping with photos, so here are a few.

Setting up was half the fun. A ton of my family showed up to help:

HeatSync Labs was amazing -not only because they volunteered to help set up, but they spiced up the night substantially with some of their science-y charm.

They busted out the 3D Printer and printed little octopi throughout the night, as well as teaching my niece about it:

Want to see what they printed?

Click here.

Pretty sweet, eh?

We had a pretty great turnout, and I honestly did my best to say hi to everyone who came.

Yes, the Tesla Coil even made it out, and HSL decided to actually electrify an octopus:

Snacks included Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream – for science – as well as a sweet Gamboy and octopus cake, and many li’l octopus cupcakes:

And Bookmans brought their photo props from Phoenix Comicon, which we went nuts with of course, and we have those photos as well. I’ll put them up in the next post.

I’ll also get all the pics up on the Facebook Page, so be sure to check things out there.

I can’t thank the following enough for everything:

Katie from Gangplank for being a joy to work with and a complete rock star, HeatSync Labs for making the party as fun as it is as well as being so anxious to help setup/takedown, The Midnight Movie Mamacita for adding some sweet b-movie flair to the night, all the artists who added to the Comic Improv wall, Anabel for the speedpainting, my family for all of their help, and everyone who made the trek out to the bottom of the valley for us.

* I forgot to thank Jackalope Ranch for listing it as one of their top 5 things to do last weekend!

It meant a lot!

So… next year?