Nerd Party - Photo by: swirlspice

This weekend, Arizona puts its comicon costumes back on, gets some genre books signed, rocks out with wizards, and gets its Octocon on.

Wow, tomorrow is Lightning Octopus’ first birthday! It seems like only yesterday is was violently bursting out of my chest cavity, wide eyed and eager for human flesh.

Or, maybe I’m mixing that memory with something else. Hard to say.

Lots to do this weekend, friends – including my own little shindig way down there at the bottom of the post.

Thursday, June 9th

Zap! Pow! Bam! Costume Ball [Scottsdale]

Friday, June 10th

Green Lantern Promo Event [Phoenix]

  • The Arizona Pop Culture Experience is excited for that Green Lantern flick.
  • If you are too, swing by Friday, Saturday, or Sunday to enjoy GL themed goings on.
  • They’ll have costumed heroes about and will be giving away swag and prizes.
  • Learn more on their (slightly old-school) site.

Bizarre Book Bonanza [Mesa]

  • Hey, it’s 2nd Friday, which means that Evermore Nevermore is probably doing something geeky for passers-by.
  • Oh look, they are!
  • This month it’s a round up of local genre authors at a Bizzare Book Bonanza.
  • From 6pm to 10pm.
  • (And peek inside The Royale while you’re down there, if Andrea lets you.)

Saturday, June 11th

ZombieFest [Phoenix]

  • On more of an undead note, authors Weston Ochse and Yvonne Navarro will also be signing books this weekend.
  • At Barnes & Noble – Metro Center from 2pm to 4:30pm.
  • Learn more here.

Harry & The Potters [Tucson]

  • They will rock you like no other band of boy wizards can.
  • If you’re wondering who Harry & The Potters are, just think of their band name and whatever you are envisioning in your mind is most likely exactly right.
  • From 5pm to 8pm at this place in Tucson.
  • Get the skinny here.

Steampunk Sonnet Slam [Mesa]

Lightning Octocon [Chandler]

Now get out and enjoy your weekends!