box robot - photo by: craigmdennis

Sometimes, when you’re not reading Lightning Octopus, you’re in the mood to listen to a geek podcast.

If your pod has an itch that only a ‘cast can scratch, I’ve recently been introduced to a few Arizona based podcasts that cover certain fields of geekery.

And since I recently learned how Google Listen works on my cheap Android phone, I’ve been living it up podcast style the last weeks or so – giving my Deerhunter station on Pandora a well deserved rest.

Mayhaps these local podcasts may interest you as well:

Beer & Battle!

  • Behold… adventure!
  • Follow a handful of Arizona adventurers as they commence on a few campaigns.
  • As a D&D and Pathfinder podcast, Beer & Battle! lets you listen in on their games (and their intoxication).
  • Likable characters, easy to listen to, and the DMs do a great job bringing you in.
  • So get some Mountain Dew out of the machine, load the latest episode, and pretend you’re gaming during your day job!
  • Subscribe to Beer & Battle! here.

Inglorious Geeky Bastards

  • Covering the full spectrum of geek culture, episodes tend to start with video games and end wherever the conversation takes them.
  • These IGB’s have been cool enough to mention LO a couple of times on their cast. Thanks, fellas!
  • And I got to meet Hong at Lightning Octocon!
  • The guys sometimes bring on guests, have great chemistry with each other, and aren’t afraid to share their opinions.
  • They’re fun to listen to, but fair warning, they are a bit NSFW. (Naughty swears!)
  • Subscribe to Inglorious Geeky Bastards here.

DAPs Chat

  • I only just learned about DAPs Magic over the weekend and haven’t had a chance to listen yet.
  • Seems to be a heavy Disney influence, but with themes such as “Muppet Mondays” and “Trkkie Thursdays” the geek can’t be far behind.
  • I’ll be checking it out this morning.
  • Subscribe to DAPs here.

Fistful of Geek

  • This is one of those newfangled video type podcasts from the future.
  • Hosted by Thomas from Atomic Comics and famous Arizona cosplayer Jessica Nigri.
  • Tons of guests, usually with big names, and a big focus on comics.
  • Check out Fistful of Geek here.

Man, I need to get my own podcast going soon…