Photo by: kevindooley

I’ve had the idea for a while to crowdsource the ultimate Google Map for Phoenix Comicon 2011, especially for people who aren’t super savvy with Downtown Phoenix.

I know there are great maps of the convention itself – where things are within the buildings – but I wanted to try and provide a great resource for the surrounding area as well.

What does it need?

  • Some close places to get food and water.
  • The best parking areas.
  • Helpful notes and insights.
  • Anything else you can think of that an attendee might find useful.
  • (Seriously, if you think it’d be helpful go ahead and add it. If others disagree, they’ll delete or edit it.)

I’m not going to be picky on this one; just opening the floodgates for help.

If you want to help, leave a comment using your Gmail address (or just email me) and I’ll add you as a collaborator to the Phoenix Comicon 2011 Google Map .

Once you’re a collaborator, you can edit the map and add what you know. It’s really easy to add things and add notes with Google Maps, I love it. You can either add your own placemarks, or search for things you know about and once you find them just “save to my map” and pick the Phoenix Comicon 2011 map. So don’t be shy if you’re curious.

I bet at least a few convention attendees will use it and really appreciate your contribution. Especially us smart-phone-type-people who use Google Maps a lot.

I’ve started it a bit (with a little help), but if you’re pretty knowledgeable of the area around the convention, I’d love your help making it a great [very-unofficial-and-use-only-as-a-helpful-guide] map.

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

View Phoenix Comicon 2011 in a larger map

I’ll also post the latest map on a new page on Lightning Octopus closer to the con.

Happy cartographing!