Phoenix Comicon Sign

Hey cephalobots, just wanted to toss up a quick bite-sized taste of The Con this lov-e-ly Thursday night.

We showed up a little later than initially planned and got our fancy badges pretty dang fast. I think I missed the initial rush; it was easy-peesy:

I trolled the exhibitor hall for a quick few (or “tolled” according to my tweet) and got to see and meet tons of cool people. I’ll be spending more time there tomorrow to check out some more booths.

Should have more pics of it (and costumes, etc) tomorrow.

Once 8pm hit we were in room 129a, ready for the Phoenix Ultimate Geek Smackdown.

Mr Jeff Moriarty moderated the debates between contestants who had not yet learned what they would be debating.

Geeks were provided “vs” subjects (River vs Buffy / Alliance vs Horde), then forced to pick a side, regardless of personal preference, because “a true geek would be able to debate both sides just as well.”

As you can imagine, cramming a hundred or so nerds into a room then bringing up highly debatable subjects for pure sport caused the volume to rise considerably over time, both from contestants and the audience.

Twas fun. Let’s do it again.

See you tomorrow, I hope!