Downtown Mesa Stormtrooper - Lightning Octopus

Alright, I’m in the mood for something stupid and fun. How about an old fashioned caption contest?

I snapped this shot in Downtown Mesa last 2nd Friday, and I have a feeling some of you can come up with something good for the caption.

It could be something Star Wars, or something about his classy white church shoes, or maybe their conversation.

You’re the mad genius. Surprise me.

And though we all know that Star Wars hilarity is its own reward, I’ve got two Bookmans Gift Cards to give away:  one for the funniest / cleverest entry, and one to a random participant for playing.

Just leave a comment with your caption. I’ll share the winners this Friday and email said winners to get them their cards.

And I just learned that “cleverest” is a word. I always thought you had to say “most clever” for some illogical reason.


The things you learn when you write!