Star Wars Award - Photo by: Official Star Wars Blog Flickr

Charlie Sheen “Winning” references are (still?) funny, right?!

Regardless, a lot of the captions you left were pretty great, and I was floored by the response.

I wish I had more cha-ching to give away but, alas, only two giftcards. That doesn’t mean I can’t give honarary-bragging-rights-awards though:

Longest Caption:

Yeah my neck is exposed but so what! No one is gonna shoot me there. HA! That’s like…like…like a newly joined rebel pilot flying down the trench of the Death Star, out-maneuvering three TIE fighters, one of which is piloted by Lord Vader himself, and launching a proton torpedo at a thermal exhaust port to blow it up. All without targeting equipment by the way. I mean get real dude.

Left by Alan Schuler

Best Reference to What Looks Like A Blow-dryer In His Hands:

Dude… its a Remington not a conair! And you could really use one!

Left by DAn

Most Topical Reference:

Man I thought Arpaio said the sweep was here!!!

Left by alyssa

Biggest Burn on 80’s Hairstyles:

Sure, I might be short for a Stormtrooper, but at least I’m not sporting a mullet.

Left by jasman

Most Obscure Caption:

Jon Voight in Galactic Cowboy.

Left by Hal C F Astell

One Random Participant gets a Bookmans Giftcard:

Which, using a random number, is Renee!

And my personal favorite goes to Sean Oliver for:

No, they did not remove my sass when they cloned me!

Not only did it make me laugh, I just love the word sass. And I mean, look at that stormtrooper’s pose – it’s one big ball of sass!

I’ll email you both to get your mailing addresses.

Thanks again to everyone who left a comment! I hope you had fun.