How To Spot A Lightning Octopus Blogger

Your typical Phoenix Comicon Blogger is far from elusive, but can sometimes blend into a crowd.

Known for its heightened interest in meeting fellow Arizona nerds, the Lightning Octopus breed is particularly outgoing in geek settings and can usually be lured in close enough to pet on the head before it scampers off.

Snickers bars work best as a lure, but free swag and shallow compliments on his looks qualify as exceptional substitutes.

Please refer to the above picture for easy to identify markings and common awkward poses the blogger will most likely exhibit.

This breed is known for showering and changing its clothes every day (unusual for a blogger) and the following are alternative looks it may be sporting:

If you spot one at comicon, DO NOT RUN AWAY.

Sudden bolts away from him may send the blogger into a crippling depression for up to three minutes as it contemplates how it may have offended you. Instead, smile and extend your hand (or Snickers Bar, or swag, or flattering compliments) and shout something like “Hey, it’s Jonathan! What’s up?”

This simple method has an incredible 100% success rate in befriending said blogger and usually leads to generally enjoyable and nerdy small talk. Do not be alarmed if the blogger pesters you with questions as it is its natural defense against talking about himself too much.

Lightning Octopus bloggers tend to avoid big name interviews and focus mostly on the local geek scene, so he may be spotted casually chatting up people behind booths and sitting quietly in panel audiences.

It should also be noted that the blogger will be at as many events as possible, and staying up as late as possible as it has taken up a nest downtown for the weekend. Knowing this, he may be spotted at the Hyatt to check out some gaming, etc.

Need some more field guides? Check these fellow local bloggers out and their posts about Comicon:

*Note these are from 2011*

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Will I see you this weekend? Is it obvious that I’m excited?