Larp Warriors - Photo by: Ran Yaniv Hartstein

When geeks do battle, our weapons of choice can sometimes include a bat’leth, a lightsaber, a boomstick, or the most reliable personal effect in the galaxy – a towel.

And when these trusty tools of attack either fail us or just aren’t within arms reach, we must rely on our minds – filled with useless facts and opinions about almost everything.

It is this kind of battle I speak of today, my friends. A battle where bespectacled warriors wield wits and smug senses of superiority, and scathe their enemies with the sharpest of tongues.

I speak of the Phoenix Comicon’s Ultimate Geek Smackdown

[Queue the music from Amok Time.]

  • Next Thursday night at 8:30pm, in room 129A.
  • Register early then check in by 7:30pm that night to ensure your spot.
  • Prove your geek cred and let your pop-culture knowledge shine like a beacon.

Are you geek enough? By Grabthar’s Hammer, you are!

I’ll be there to watch, and I hope to see some LO readers represent.

And in case you didn’t get my Amok Time reference: