A bit delayed, I confess. Saturday was a busy crazy day, with little to no internet.

But it was a fun day for me because I pushed through my celebrity anxiety and got to meet Glory from Buffy while she was setting up, which was unreal because we just finished watching that season. I also bumped into Sandeep and Jeff from The Guild and chatted about the con for a while.


And sometime in the morning, I was allowed to go up and get some pretty epic shots of the convention.

Registration exploded Saturday morning:

Here’s about two thirds of the exhibitors hall:

Can you spot Leelu?

Mul-tee-pass indeed!

I believe that mob on the right is the initial line for shots with Mr Nimoy.

The afternoon was spent listening to:

Max Brooks talk about the 90’s, zombies, and how he thinks if an outbreak occurred in America, it would be squashed pretty quickly, but not so much in other parts of the world.

Leonard Nimoy talk about becoming an actor and how many classic aspects of Spock he came up with on the spot based on childhood experiences. Very interesting, and Mr Nimoy came across as a friendly grandpa with wonderful stories.

Eventually we ended up at the Geek Prom, which lived up to the hype:

Awesome and awesomely bad dancing was enjoyed by all.

We’ll definitely be back for it next year.

Did you guys have fun?

Feel free to leave your thoughts on the con and/or links to your own recaps & pictures in the comments.