Friday night took a dark and twisted turn for me at the Phoenix Comicon.

Around 6pm the living dead converged on the streets and began a zombie walk. I ran up to street level to check it out and got a few decent shots.

While I was there I had a wonderful conversation with a brain hungry member of the crowd, and was forced to rethink my stigmas of the living impaired.

They’re quite lovely!

I also swung by the Steampunk Ball (bizarre) where I literally felt like I was in an old-timey saloon, and the Zombie Beauty Pageant (horrifying) where I caught a “freak show” complete with driving nails into noses and shoving faces into broken glass.


Later, I got to see the Hammer Improv show starring those guys from The Guild. Unreal, and very funny. Sandeep is just as quick as you’d think from watching him in The Guild, if not quicker.

And if you thought Wil Wheaton was ubiquitous in geek culture, just come to the Phoenix Comicon. That guy is everywhere. I can’t NOT run into him walking around and talking casually with fans.

Of course I have this weird habit of going all deer-in-headlights around any kind of celebrity, apparently. So, I haven’t said hi to anyone “big” yet.

Saturday night’s the geek prom. Hope I see you there!