A TOTALLY REAL Sign (not really)

The list of films, and the schedule of their screenings, has gone up on the Phoenix Comicon’s website.

With titles like Catholic Robot and Zombies Are My Neighbors (a nod to a certain 16bit game, perhaps?) my curiosity is certainly piqued.

It looks like locally made monster movie Sacrifice is being screened (the scene where the monster destroys Phoenix is priceless), and a whole bunch of shorts from the most recent International Horror & SciFi Film Festival will be showing as well.

Local film makers appear to be getting lots of representation, which I always love.

The film festival itself is running constantly throughout the Phoenix Comicon, with its own designated space, so drop in whenever it looks like a good title is playing.

Have any of you seen any of these films? Let us know!

I guess it’s probably too late to submit the film the wife and I made a few months ago for Steamcrow: