MST3K Plan 9

Between the eclectic Evermore Nevermore, the loungy Gotham City Comics, and the new steampunky Rusted Nail Gallery, Downtown Mesa is becoming a pretty sweet place for geeks. But it’s about to get even better this summer.

The Midnight Movie Mamacita is getting some space there and turning it into an indie movie theater – The Royale – and she’ll have her own place to play those cult sci-fi flicks and freaky classics we all love.

I’m pretty excited to see what Andrea does with the place – having a feel for her retro vibe I’m imagining a comfortable space with some kitsch and swagger mixed in. And I’m looking forward to spending a few weekend-nights on a couch watching some B movies there.

Her own vision of her new space? “A cool place to watch movies, that’s what it boils down to.”

So, there ya go!

Between this and the Nile Theater, the usually sleepy later-hours of Mesa should hopefully start to wake up a little and build up some crazy events.

I try to take my love and support of local geek culture seriously, and I’m happy to help get the word out on her campaign to revamp the place.

I gave a little!