Ultimate Cosplayer - Phoenix Comicon - Lightning Octopus

One year ago, the wife and I ditched our kids with a sister-in-law and hightailed it downtown for our first comicon.

About an hour in to the experience, we snapped the above shot, and since then it has become my favorite ever.

This weekend, like you, I’ll be skulking the halls of Phoenix Comicon, and my eyes, like yours, will be on the lookout for great costumes.

Will I find one I love more than this geriatric woman of wonder?

I hope so! I hope you’ll try.

Myself? I always want to dress up as the Six String Samurai, but I’m afraid too few people would get it and too many would think I was just homeless…

In the mean time, here are a couple of other quick shots we took last year:

Phoenix Comicon Ghostbusters - Lightning Octopus

So what will I be dressed as?

Stay tuned to the blog for a complete guide on spotting a Lightning Octopus blogger!

So how about you? Are you dressing up? When I asked on Facebook I got some fun answers.

Please share so I can keep an eye out for you.