Phoenix Comicon Ghostbusters - Lightning Octopus

This weekend, Geek Arizona fights alien invasions &  welcomes massive nerd invasions.

This week’s “weekend” post is coming at you a little early. I’m posting it today because the rest of the week I’ll be blogging about this thing that’s going on – some kind of nerd convention. I may have mentioned it.

And yes, I’m starting “this weekend” with Wednesday.

Wednesday, May 25th

Attack The Block [Tempe]

Thursday, May 26th

The Phoenix Comicon [Phoenix]

  • Registration begins at noon!
  • In theory, the lines should be pretty smooth this year, but show up early if you can.
  • Then spend the rest of the weekend having a good old fashioned nerdy time.
  • I might go. Maybe.

Friday, May 27th

Geek Party [Phoenix]

  • The Firehouse in Phoenix is totally down with some geek action, yo.
  • They’re throwing their own geek party downtown with some 8bit & circuit bending DJs, and some sci-fi rappers.
  • Wander over in your comicon costumes and do the robot while you’re there.
  • Starts at 9pm and goes until the sun comes up.

Saturday, May 28th

Bodyworlds [Phoenix]

  • While you’re downtown, check out some dead bodies!
  • Bodyworlds at the Arizona Science Center is packing up come Monday.
  • Skip on over and see them before they go!

See you this weekend!