Photo by: JD Hancock

An online commercial is being filmed for a Phoenix Comicon event, and they’re looking for two people willing to play a Jedi & a Trekkie.

(Yeah, I know, Mr “It’sATrap” isn’t really a Jedi, but close enough to the point I think.)

This is it! You’re calling! This part is so perfect for you, you won’t even need to act!

  • They need one of each: Jedi & Trekkie.
  • I have a hunch their feelings towards each others’ sense of superiority might skew towards animosity.
  • If you’re interested, email Andrea and let her know!
  • You’ll be wearing your own costume, so include a photo of yourself in one if you can.
  • They’re hoping to shoot this Saturday, so don’t by shy.

Have fun, you crazy costuming thespians!

I’ll probably post the commercial here once it’s all done.