Video Games Live - Photo by: Brenderous

“The company,” says the host, while casually fiddling with his guitar, “is Square/Enix.”

“The game, is Final Fantasy…”

The audience shouts “Seven! Seven!!”

The host nods in agreement.

“The song is…”

But before he can finish, we answer in unison, needing no further information:

“One! Winged! Angel!!”

And the choir on stage stands…

What followed was the personal highlight of the evening for me. As one of the defining moments in my little geek life, that classic battle in FFVII is happily burned in my memories, and it was a rush listening to an orchestra and choir bring it back to life.

The music of Video Games Live was great. The visuals on screen were a bit lack luster, which was disappointing when you think of all the great potential they had there, but I’m a sucker for live music and I truly enjoyed almost all of the performances.

Half the fun of VGL was being surrounded by hundreds of grinning game geeks, cheering and shouting out game titles they recognized as songs transitioned or screenshots flashed on the screens.

I’ll leave the rest of the recapping to Nerdvana, who was kind enough to bring me along for the ride. It was fun sitting next to him and swapping video game memories.

I may look like I’m giving the thumbs up in his picture of me, but I’m actually showing off my right video game thumb, which I’ve named “Punchy McShooty.”

Just kidding… kinda.