peep monster photo by: worldislandinfo

Welcome back to Friday Lightning, where I share any interesting local geek tid-bits I’ve picked up around the nerd-o-sphere.

Here are just a couple of noteworthy bite-sized things I’ve picked up over the week.

The Arizona Science Center wants you to blow up Peeps.

  • Or something worse, if you’re capable.
  • They’re having a video contest in which they’re encouraging families to perform horrible experiments on them.
  • Get the details here and let the whole mad-scientist family join in.
  • I’m excited to see some of these.

The Arizona Ghostbusters are building a sweet GB arcade game.

  • It’ll debut at the Phoenix Comicon next month
  • Check it out on GhostbustersMania.
  • Very cool, guys!

Clockwork Ninja Films recapped Laughing Moon Con 2

I believe Phoenix Comicon programming should be finalized.

  • It’s just in some big lists right now, but from what I understand, what’s online is pretty solid.
  • Start scheduling what you want to do!

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