Jonathan At The Phoenix Film Festival [Lightning Octopus] 3

The International Horror & SciFi Film Festival in Scottsdale last weekend (now part of the Phoenix Film Festival) was some good crazy fun.

I was able to catch a couple of flicks, swing by the party pavilion, and finally meet the Midnight Movie Mamacita in person. I also ran into some folks from the Phoenix Comicon, and the upcoming LepreCon and CopperCon.

But my favorite part, odd as it may sound, was actually waiting in line. It was there that I got to meet some really cool local genre fans and just talk some solid nerd for a while.

Jonathan At The Phoenix Film Festival [Lightning Octopus] 1

Jonathan At The Phoenix Film Festival [Lightning Octopus] 2

Jonathan At The Phoenix Film Festival [Lightning Octopus] 5

The stand out movie for me was the documentary The People Vs George Lucas. It was literally an hour and a half of Star Wars fans offering both insightful and incoherent rants regarding just about anything George did with Star Wars after the original trilogy, mixed with fan submitted videos and snippits from the Star Wars Uncut project.

The People v George Lucas

Don’t believe Greedo shot first?

Hate Han stepping on Jabba’s tail?

Jar Jar stepping in doo-doo?

(Jar Jar in general?)



Yeah, neither did these guys. Watch it, and you will know you are far from alone. I laughed and groaned throughout the movie, and the rest of the audience did too.

Moleman of Belmont Ave

I also caught some of The Moleman of Belmont Ave, which was actually pretty funny. Even though I didn’t finish it, I could tell it was my style of dark humor. Monsters pulling annoying dogs through mail slots (then eating them) is hilarious I tell you! However, it strangely turned into more of a stoner movie for some reason about half way through.

It’s a great festival, and I had a lot of fun, even though I never did see Peter Weller.

::shakes fists at the heavens::