The best part of Downtown Mesa’s Sci-Fi Friday for me was definitely meeting or catching up with so many readers.

There was a huge turnout and I wish I could have stayed longer. I could have easily spent another few hours there if I’d been able to take my time at each event, table, or show. There was just so much going on.

First stop for me was the newly opened Rusted Nail:

Followed by some Steampunk Street vendors.

This guy helped class up the joint with his Duct Tape Iron Man costume.

Then on to Evermore Nevermore’s Star Wars art show:

This may be my favorite piece of Star Wars art ever.

No, seriously.

I will never stop loving this:

Amidst the Star Wars pop art, steampunk costumes and contraptions, monster movies, and local geek artists, I had the fortune of meeting (from Twitter) @phredgreen, @IncreaseBlue, @CalliopeM, & @tavismaiden – as well as running into @Skulljammer, @rustedhalo, @brickcavemedia, @jacobrosenthal, @steamcrow, @evernevermore, @anabelsays, & the amiable Bry from the Phoenix Comicon.

I also got to meet the Brose Brothers, some folks behind Restless Anthology, a guy named Loren making a local steampunk short film, and some of the brains behind DarkCon 2012.

(If we met and I didn’t mention you, please leave a comment calling me a big ugly jerk face.)

Be sure to swing by Lightning Octopus on Facebook later as I’ll post the rest of the pics I took there.