FILKing Photo by The_Magician

The Phoenix Comicon may be just seven weeks away, but you don’t even need to wait that long for some local SF/Fantasy convention madness.

LepreCon 37 will be rocking our own Tempe in less than a month with a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere, focusing on Science Fiction and Fantasy art and writing.

They don’t seem to be kidding when they emphasize art either, as artists and art shows will abound.

One cool thing that stood out to me was their Lite RPG Design Contest, where you can submit your own little RPG, rules and everything, run an adventure with some volunteers, and win votes for the best game. The prizes aren’t huge or anything, but I bet it would be fun to participate.

And no, I couldn’t make it through this post without the obligatory mention that there will be Filking.

Oh yes, there will be Filking.