Photo by: Tanya Zommer

Once upon a time, before Lightning Octopus was a glimmer in its father’s eye, I decided to check out this whole “Phoenix Comicon” thing.

I got online and researched what looked like the most fun, since we didn’t have a lot of time. The day we could go, we decided to make a date of it and got a sister-in-law to watch our little boys. And since it was a date we agreed that we would have to go to the “geek prom” and dance awkwardly together – for such is the tradition of proms.

The Geek Prom benefits Kids Need To Read, a Mesa based charity co-founded by Nathan Fillion that provides books to underfunded schools, libraries, and the like. And the prom itself is sponsored by local geek culture champions, Bookmans.

(KNTR will also be at Lightning Octocon!)

Well, things got crazy. We ended up racing downtown, racing up to the Kids Need To Read booth, and whipping out money for a ticket – only to find the last one had sold out 15 minutes before.

We begged, we bribed, we threatened, we frothed at the mouth. All attempts to be squeezed in failed.

(Curse you, Fire Marshall, and your legal obligation to our personal safetyyyyy!)

After cycling through the stages of grief, we still had fun at the con. (The Star Trek TNG Panel was awesome.)

But you don’t need to repeat my mistake.

*For 2012, tickets can be found here.*

This year, Geek Prom tickets are on sale online. You just add them when you buy your membership, or afterwards. There’s a limited amount though (1000), and I’m not sure how many are left.

From what I’ve heard, last year’s Geek Prom was a smash and widely considered one of the highlights of the con. Nerd world darlings Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton rubbed elbows with the crowd and much fun was had by all. This year it will be even bigger and will go down on Saturday Night (May 28th).

And not only will I be there, but my wife will most likely be there with me, taking pictures.

And we’ll dance awkwardly ever after.

So who’s going?