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This weekend, Geek Arizona asks how much you know about video games, begins a comicon at a library, takes your queen, and more.

An interesting and random selection of events for us this weekend.

I’m trying to pay more attention to things happening in Tucson. If you’re from there or just know of nerdy things going on, please let me know!

Thursday, Apr 21st

Video Game Trivia [Phoenix]

  • The Cade Gallery is hoping to start a monthly Video Game Trivia Night.
  • Starts at 7pm and goes until 10pm.
  • Here’s an FB event page.
  • It sounds like fun and I’m hoping it gets a good turnout.
  • Trivia Question: On the Itchy & Scratchy CD-ROM, is there a way to get out of the dungeon without using the wizard key?

Friday, Apr 22nd

Nothing that I know of…

Saturday, Apr 23rd

Shakespeare Memorial Chess Tournament [Tucson]

LibCon 2011 [Chandler]

  • A librarian wanted to start a comicon at her library, so she did.
  • They even got some local authors and artists, panels, and everything.
  • At the Chandler Public Library from 9:30am throughout the library day.
  • Like their Facebook Page for more.
  • I’d love to see this one get some big support and grow as well.

Pokemon – Black & White Prerelease [Mesa]

  • If you’re looking forward to this release, enjoy it with other Pokemon junkies.
  • Raffles, cards, and see the new 150 monsters.
  • Gets going at 5pm at The Gamers’ Inn in Mesa.
  • Details here.

The Head That Wouldn’t Die [Casa Grande]

  • A classic sci-fi B movie about a head – that wouldn’t die.
  • Has one of my favorite super-long death scenes ever.
  • (Don’t worry, it’s all ages.)
  • Showing at The Trunk Space at 8pm.
  • Details, from beyond the grave!
  • “Like all quantities, horror has its ultimate, and I am that!”

Enjoy your weekends!

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