star wars campfire - Photo by: pasukaru76

We of the nerdy persuasion get to enjoy multiple forms of story telling.

Unwilling to limit ourselves to the mainstream forms of media – we get to go further with video games, tabletop games, comics, graphic novels, RPGs, webcomics, and web-series’. (And some of you even LARP.)

But it’s all story telling. It’s everywhere.

Which is why a group was recently formed at Gangplank, accurately called “Storytellers,” to help each other improve at this ancient art. They describe themselves as more of a support group than anything.

I think it would be a great resource for any of you who are writers, bloggers, novelists, NaNoWriMo’ers, comic or script writers, or even game masters who are interested in learning more about conveying ideas through stories.

Their first meeting is tomorrow night (Tues, March 15th) at 7pm.

Just wander in to Gangplank in Downtown Chandler, and bring your writer’s block, a willingness to learn, and your willingness to share what you’re good at.

From there they’ll be meeting every other Tuesday night, same time.

For more details, check out this post by local blogger Wendy Coneybeer, who helped organize the group.

When I was at Saturday night’s Cinematic Titanic show, Joel told us the story of how the night before the Mystery Science Theater 3000 pilot, he had the awful realization that he’d never actually asked anyone to man his two now-famous puppets.

Intuitively, he picked up the phone and called two people from a local writers group he was part of – and Joel, Trace, and J Elvis are still touring the country riffing movies.

You never know!