Lightning Bolt - Photo by: emples

It’s time for some fresh-from-the-oven tid-bits and bite sized news surroundingĀ  Arizona’s geek scene, just like mom used to make.

Here’s what I picked up this week:

The Phoenix Comicon’s Badge Art Contest is on!

  • Bust out your mad skills and have your art on some of the badges everyone will be wearing.
  • Check out Phoenix Comicon’s site for the details.

A local artist is in Voltron’s official art book.

The Phoenix New Times mentioned a few geeky things.

SabotenCon moved their Facebook page.

  • Make sure you “Like” the new one if you want to keep getting updates.

Geek costumes should abound at Phoenix’s Mardi Gras tonight.

  • I’ve picked up some buzz around many-a-Star-Wars character being part of the parade.
  • Also heard that more than a few zombies might show up.
  • Here’s their FB site if you’re interested in checking it out/participating.

The Arizona Ghostbusters and SpaceBoyRobot will be hanging around First Friday.

Lightning Octocon 2011 is in 99 days!

Got any tips on the nerd scene in Arizona? Want to get the word out on something?

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