Lightning photo by: cendrii

The geek scene in Arizona was not quiet this week. I picked up (or was sent) quite a few tidbits worth sharing for Friday Lightning.

Just goes to show what a great geek community we have here, I say.

Locally made monster flick Sacrifice is available for streaming from Amazon.

April’s 2nd Friday in Downtown Mesa is getting pretty over-the-top geeky.

Want to co-host an online pop-culture show?

  • Atomic Comics and online men’s magazine The Rugged need someone to talk about comics, games, et al, on this thing called the internet.
  • Here’s a video explaining the gig and information on how to submit.

Bookmans and The Midnight Movie Mamacita both posted pictures from their events last weekend.

Next weekend’s Con-Ichiwa is still looking for some volunteers.

  • If you’ve got time to spare down in Tucson, let them know!
  • As usual, there are perks. Look over current opportunities here.

The International Horror & SciFi Film Festival posted their films/schedules.

Pop Culture Paradise is looking for tabletop-gaming terrain painters.

  • And they’re willing to shell out some store credit for your help.
  • If you think you got the chops, let them know!

And the winner of last week’s Operation Octoshock participation contest is:

  • Charlotte James!
  • (I’ll email you to find out where to mail your Bookman’s Giftcard.)

Got any tips on the nerd scene in Arizona? Want to get the word out on something?

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