Gandalf and Legolas Photo by: Mr Spielbrick

If you were following me on Twitter yesterday, you may know that I reached near-screaming-teenage-Bieber-fan levels of excitement that the second Patrick Rothfuss novel had come out.

Okay, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but I was excited enough that I had my own copy within a couple of hours.

Riding that high, I figured we could fire up this week’s Operation Octoshock by listing off everything we know about Arizona’s Fantasy scene.

I’ve started organizing a little of what I’ve gathered beyond the blog. You can see the humble beginnings on the Geek Arizona page, where I started compiling Arizona’s Anime scene.

This week, please help me consolidate all of Arizona’s Fantasy Culture:

Fantasy authors, fantasy artists, fan groups, costuming groups, artisans, web-series, stores, conventions, Harry Potter nuts, anything. Let’s get it all!

Please drop a message in the comments and share your local knowledge with us, preferably with a link to more information.

(And shameless self-promotion is perfectly acceptable.)

To help light a fire (Incendio!) I have a little gift card to Bookmans I’ll give away to one random commenter who contributes.