Weary from your adventures through the Eastern Desert Kingdom of Mesa, you find yourselves standing in front of the Gamers’ Inn.

Its sign hangs above you, giving off a dim but magical blue glow.

As you enter The Inn, the sound of the evening’s patrons, huddled over many tables, fills your ears. Some lift their heads briefly to eye you newcomers, but quickly return to their many games. To your right, an Innkeeper stands behind a bar, busying himself with tasks and customers.

As you look around, you find the Inn to be divided into four areas, each with a different focus. The first is the main area of business, where many of the expected wares are available for sale. Board games, card games, miniatures, RPG rule books, and dice.

Lots of dice.

To your left you find a wall of the fine food and nerd-fuel the Inn has to offer. What it appears to lack in nutritional value, it promises to make up in instant gratification and quick energy, for those longer running gaming sessions.

You peek around an opening into a long and dark hallway, there are many figures hunched over glowing devices, but they are hard to make out.

You attempt a Light spell, but it sputters and fades instantly. It seems no light can penetrate this area. Also, time seems to pass without meaning here.

The Inn only charges 1 gold per hour to use these machines, and as you heft your purse you realize you could spend very long time indeed in this cave of wonders.

The next area is the main gathering area, and tables are spaced along the walls. Several patrons of the Inn are heavily involved in campaigns and adventures of their own, rolling dice, navigating maps, and pulling cards.

You see many goatees, ponytails, and black t-shirts.

Some people appear to have been here for some time. Perhaps this is because the Inn never closes, and welcomes adventurers day or night.

As you search for traps, you find the entire area capable of luring in gamers and keeping them for long and memorable DnD sessions.

Finally, you inspect the last area. It’s quite large and filled with very large, custom tables. Around these tables stand generals and strategists. Upon their war-tables, scaled down battles are being played out using miniature armies, monsters, tanks, castles, rivers, and mountains.

For getting to the end of this post, you earn 1500 exp points!

Congratulations, you leveled up! Distribute your newest stat points.

Thanks to Stephen of The Gamers’ Inn for having us over and showing us around.

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