vash - photo by: agius

Tucson is bringing it again this month with yet another geek convention that’s all their own.

After serving us a healthy plate of Steampunk with Wild Wild West Con, Tucson is hoping we’ll come back for some sweet, sparkly-eyed desserts with their Anime convention, Con-Nichiwa.

This convention is being organized not only by the same brains behind the Phoenix Comicon, but also SabotenCon and other local Anime clubs. So, it should beĀ  a pretty well put together experience.

The costumes-per-guest ratio seems to skew a little higher at anime conventions, however, my hair can easily reach Dragonball Z levels when I leave it uncut for long enough. I could just show up to this thing and suddenly I’d be cosplaying.

  • Starts Friday, March 25 and goes for three days.
  • At the Holiday Inn Palo Verde, Tucson.
  • Guests include voice actors Sonny Strait and Todd Haberkorn.
  • Panels, cosplayers, masquerades, video games, and fashion shows.
  • (And lots of girls dressed up as maids, I’m sure).

Oh, and someone named Warky T Chocobo will be there too, so… there you go.

Check out their site for all the details. And follow them on the Twitters.