Cade Gallery Opening 1 - Photo by: lolatron

Agent “Lolatron” was kind enough to shoot me a quick little recap of the Cade Gallery opening from this last Friday, as well as a couple shots of the place.

Cade Gallery held their grand opening on March 5th, during Phoenix’s First Friday arts event.

A steady stream of visitors poured in, admiring the pop art of Nathan Ross, and playing the arcade games. The atmosphere was very friendly and laid back and upbeat, with a cheerful soundtrack of chiptunes on the boombox.

Nathan and Gallery owner Weston personally greeted visitors and invited them to pizza and drinks. It was definitely a big hit.

Looks like the joy of old school video arcade games is not lost with our youth, and still alive and well with the grown-up kids among us!

Cade Gallery Opening 2 - Photo by: lolatron

Sweet NES pop art at The Cade Gallery.

Thanks to Lolatron for being willing to share!

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And if you’re attending an event and are willing to shoot a couple of pictures and share what happened with the rest of us, please don’t be shy.