photo by: istolethetv

Get ready to set your phasers to… no, no I won’t do it…

There was a kid in my neighborhood growing up that was really into Star Trek. Like, really in to it.

I remember he’d drawn, colored, and cut out Next Generation type “control panels” and taped them on his bedroom door (to gain access to his room, of course) and throughout the room itself.

This one’s for you, Kevin!

Star Trek Conventions need no explanation. They have been part of pure geek DNA strands since the first nerd double helix stretched out and curved around itself. But I’ll introduce this one.

The beloved franchise is celebrating 45 years, so say hello to Arizona’s Star Trek Convention next month!

  • April 9th – 10th at the Sheraton Crescent Hotel in Phoenix.
  • (Get your reasonably priced tickets here.)
  • Vendors, Klingon makeup workshops, costume contests and parades (naturally), and hopefully some fiery on-floor debates about some nit-picky aspects of Star Trek.
  • Guests include many (many) Klingons, a couple of Ferengis, and two personal favorites, Armin Shimerman (from Buffy! I mean, DS9!) and nerd cult-favorite Jeffrey Combs.
  • Richard Arnold, the king of Star Trek knowledge, will also be here.

I’ve actually (randomly) met and talked with Richard before, not at a convention. How weird is that? Super nice guy.

Don’t forget to follow the convention organizers on Le Twitter.

Have fun, Trekkies and/or Trekkers!