Dark Helmet. Photo by: dangerismycat

This weekend, Arizona sinks with the Cinematic Titanic, teleports in an anthropomorphic duck, celebrates books, and cranks it up to Ludicrous Speed.

It’s a bit of a movie-heavy weekend for us geeks up in Phoenix. To even things out, Tucson is providing a counter-balance to our magical moving pictures with a focus on a more ancient art of storytelling.

Friday, Mar 11th

Zenith [Phoenix]

  • I wanted to check this film out when it was playing at the International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival last October.
  • Supposed to be a pretty fun sci-fi head-trip.
  • Claims to be “steampunk,” but I couldn’t gather anything of the sort in the trailer. Maybe I’m wrong.
  • Anyone seen it?
  • At The Film Bar in Phoenix, showings at 9pm and 11pm. (Also 11pm Sat.)
  • Retro-futuristic details.

Saturday, Mar 12th

´╗┐Tucson Festival of Books [Tucson]

Cinematic Titanic Live [Mesa]

  • Want a chance to see and meet the original cast of MST3K?
  • Done!
  • Joel, Trace, TV’s Frank, & Pearl will be riffing some schlocky Japanese insect Armageddon movie, live.
  • At the Mesa Arts Center with shows at 4pm and 8:30pm. Tickets aren’t cheap though.
  • Word on the street is they tend to stick around afterward and meet the crowd.
  • (Excited!)

Howard The Duck [Tempe]

Spaceballs [Tempe]

  • When you’re done scratching your head, stick around for one of the greatest SciFi comedies ever.
  • Get caught playing with your dolls again, and meet Mr Radar!
  • This will be presented with “MuV Chat,” where, I think, the audience texts in their own riffs and they show up on the screen?
  • Also at Madcap Theaters, starting at 10pm, right after Howard.
  • The passcode to get in is… 1… 2… 3… 4… 5.

Sunday, Mar 13th

Con-Ichiwa Kickoff Event [Tucson]

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Looks like I might be at the Cinematic Titanic show Saturday night.

What are you up to this weekend?