Steampunk Photo by: ewen and donabel

Some conventions are tame and some are wild. But only one dares to be Wild Wild.

It would appear that the Steampunk scene has gained enough steam momentum to finally coalesce into its very own con. This weekend (March 4th – 6th), join fellow chrononauts, airship captains, and other goggle-wearing fans of the genre, in Tucson for a couple days of wacky Victorian Era Science Fiction fun.

There are plenty of reasons to check out Wild Wild West Con (dances, guests, film festivals, a hookah lounge!?), but the fact that they will have a “Mad Scientist’s Laboratory” would probably make the trip down to Old Tucson Studios worth it, for me. Not to mention the ghost hunts.

And the idea of “steampunk bands” performing piques my interest a little.

(But will there be airships?)

Get all the details on their site!

If we’re lucky, a few Agents of The Order of Electric Octopi will be recapping the event for us.

So, does anyone else secretly hope Will Smith will suddenly appear with a surprise performance of his 1999 hit song this weekend?

“Uhh… Uhh, Wiki-Wiki Wild!”

I kid, of course.

So, who’s going?