Star Wars Night - From Suns Site

This weekend, Arizona builds momentum for its Comicon, screens two SciFi cult classics, hangs out with the Queen of Vampires, and plays some B-ball with Darth Vader.

I know, quite an interesting mix of things going on this weekend.

And I hope you’ll take a second to RSVP on Facebook for Lightning Octocon.

Thursday, Feb 10th

Phoenix Comicon Kick-off Event [Phoenix]

  • It’s getting closer! The Phoenix Comicon is just around the corner.
  • Swing by this event (whether or not you RSVPd) and hang with a plethora of nerdy fans.
  • They’re also announcing the final guests for the con, and the buzz I’ve been picking up is that they will be pretty big.
  • 7pm in room 129A of the Phoenix Convention Center North Building.
  • Details are on the front of the Phoenix Comicon site.
  • I will definitely be there, so if you are planning on going, let me know so we can high five.

Metropolis [Phoenix]

  • The Film Bar in Phoenix is finally opening its doors.
  • And for those of you who like your women robotic and your Sci-Fi old-school, they’re screening Metropolis.
  • Show’s at 10pm.
  • If you miss it, there are more show times throughout the weekend.

Friday, Feb 11th

Anne Rice [Tempe]

  • Meet a modern legend!
  • She’s coming out to promote her latest book, sign some copies, and take pictures.
  • Starts at 6pm at Changing Hands Bookstore.
  • Check out the details here – they’re very clear about the whole meet & greet process.

Saturday, Feb 12th

A Clockwork Orange [Tempe]

  • There’s another cult movie screening this weekend, and this one is far from silent.
  • It’s the 40th anniversary of Mr Kubrik’s film and there are two screenings on Saturday.
  • 5:00pm and 9:30pm at Madcap Theaters.
  • Get some ultra-violent details here.

Sunday, Feb 13th

Clone Wars Night With The Phoenix Suns [Phoenix]

  • The Suns get straight to the point on their website with this simple question:
  • “Can you say Suns Dancers in Princess Leia costumes?”
  • Many a Star Wars character will be wandering for pictures, but your own costume might win you a prize as well.
  • From free Star Wars shirts to mid-game Star Wars entertainment, it’s win win for everyone.
  • Get the details on their site.

I hope I see you at the kick-off!