Steampunk Street Guy - Photo by Lightning Octopus

So, do you remember when Evermore Nevermore reserved an entire street in Downtown Mesa and turned it into a Steampunk fantasy come true?

Well it was a smashing success, and they’re doing it again this April.

With Wild Wild West Con in Tucson coming up soon, you’ll soon have  access to just about everything that could involve corsets and giant wrenches – but when you’re feeling the Victorian itch a few weeks later, Mesa just might have what you need.

Last time, the street was filled with vendors of clockwork jewelry, oddities and monstrosities, Steamcrows, and other rapscallions, so if you’d like to participate, let them know early.

Otherwise, just show up, costumed or not, and enjoy the old-school SciFi vibes.

  • Friday, April 8th. Part of Downtown Mesa’s 2nd Friday.
  • (Which always gets a huge turnout.)
  • From 6 to 10pm.
  • They’ve sucked up the entire street side that Evermore Nevermore is on.
  • Or just follow the people wearing goggles.
  • Enjoy some more details on the Facebook Event.

I  went last time and was actually more than impressed with some of the outfits and contraptions people brought out.

PS – Be sure to come back tomorrow! We should have something very fun for you.